Application visibility and control in the cloud

Not only are your applications moving to the cloud, the components that make up applications are increasing, becoming more distributed, and need to be dynamically managed.

With Citrix Application Delivery Management, you gain visibility into the health, performance, and security of your applications and automate the setup, deployment, and management of your application delivery infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Discover the Citrix Application Delivery Management difference

Wherever your apps go, Citrix Application Delivery Management follows

Whether deployed in a data center, AWS, or Azure, you can harness and use data about users, apps, and traffic from Citrix ADC, SD-WAN, or HA Proxy. In addition you can automate and manage your entire infrastructure from one console.

Provides visibility and analytics

View details about each application’s performance, customer experience, and security status.

Use analytics to turn data into insights for application performance management, troubleshooting, and security threat mitigation.

All about the apps

Map applications to infrastructure using stylebooks so that you can track and manage app performance and security throughout the app’s lifecycle.

Give other teams what they need

Developers and security teams can access their own personalized dashboards to view individual app infrastructure and security threats, and you can manage access.

Automate and orchestrate

Simple yet powerful tools automate critical provisioning, configuration, logging, policy enforcement, and management tasks.

Unmatched visibility to your VDI

Manage, monitor and audit all HDX traffic associated with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments.

It's easy to get started!

Citrix Application Delivery Management is available as a cloud service or as software you can download and run. Get started with either option for free.

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Gain Visibility and Control of your Apps in the Hybrid Cloud

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