Ensure PCI DSS compliance

With payment card fraud at an all-time high, secure payment card standards have never been more crucial. Yet since the adoption of version 3.0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), organizations have been struggling to meet its hundreds of requirements. And even full compliance with these standards may not protect networks from advanced cyber threats. IT needs a powerful yet affordable solution to ensure compliance.

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Go beyond PCI DSS requirements Citrix Web App Firewall, integrated with the Citrix ADC platform, enables enterprises to achieve—and exceed—compliance with PCI DSS. For example, Requirement 1 outlines installing and configuring a firewall to protect cardholder data. Citrix ADC addresses this by restricting all access to only approved protocols, authenticated users and other heightened security levels. Other requirements we specifically target include protecting stored cardholder data, encryption, regular anti-virus updates, and granular access controls.

Citrix ADC features infrastructure-layer security capabilities, which successfully defend against DDoS attacks. Citrix Web App Firewall, the industry’s highest-performing web application security solution, scored an overall block rate of 99.8% when tested by NSS Labs. AppFirewall provides extensive protection against all known attacks and zero-day application-layer attacks. It’s also future-proof, which means it’s ready to tackle any new threats or PCI DSS updates to maintain your compliance, even as new security risks evolve.

Our tightly integrated platform is designed to address numerous individual PCI security requirements, reducing the cost of compliance and IT support. Easy-to-use management tools analyze bidirectional traffic, provide end-to-end encryption and TLS support, generate comprehensive compliance reports, and simplify admin tasks through a single point of access.

Citrix products

Citrix Web App Firewall

  • Industry’s highest-performing WAF
  • Protects web apps from known and zero-day application-layer attacks
  • Analyzes all bidirectional traffic to protect against an extensive range of threats

Citrix ADC

  • Provides web app security and optimization through a single, strategic platform
  • Ensures PCI DSS compliance
  • Offers app acceleration, load balancing, and infrastructure-layer security
  • Extends AppFirewall for most effective solution