Mobile device management

Configure, secure, and support mobile devices with enterprise-grade MDM solution


84% of surveyed IT organizations use Citrix Endpoint Management Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) at their organization.

TVID: 803-66F-047

Enable mobile device management for smartphones and tablets

Mobile device management (MDM) protects data by leveraging device-level policies provided by the device manufacturer or platform provider. With the help of these policies, IT can configure, secure, and support mobile users. For example, IT can enable device-wide encryption and automatically lock or wipe a device. The Citrix Endpoint Management MDM solution supports a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

Security is a big deal for us. If a user loses his device, using the MDM technology we have from Citrix, we're able to wipe that device clean, provide the user with a new device, and allow them to move forward to do their work.
Eric Slavinsky
CIO, PPL Corporation
Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities

Provide device management support for laptops and desktops

With Citrix Endpoint Management, IT can also use Citrix Endpoint Management mobile device management to leverage the device APIs in MAC OS X and Windows 10 laptops and desktops—providing IT with a unified endpoint management solution to manage an inventory of all devices with a common set of policies from a single platform. This means employees have the ability to function in their workspaces, across all devices, anywhere they want.

With EMM vendors rushing to support Windows 10 MDM APIs, some people have been skeptical about how much they can be trusted to know what they’re doing with Windows. But Citrix has the advantage that they obviously know their way around Windows better than pure-play mobility vendors.